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Jess, sad as we are to see you go, there is a certain serendipity to the timing of your departure.

Over the years, no one was out in market more than you, declaring to anyone who’d care to listen that Daily Mail Australia’s mission was to become ‘the number 1 commercial news website’ in this country. So for us to reach that milestone in two successive months, literally days before you exit the building, makes the result all the more special and should give you enormous satisfaction.

They say you are only as good as the business you leave behind and to that end, you leave the commercial side of Daily Mail Australia in great shape. This commercial team is undeniably the best, most cohesive we have ever had, and that is in no small part to the way you have run it. 

Personally, I will remember other things in relation to your six-year tenure.

You warning me to be very careful when it came to Alex Parsons [for those who do not know, he was the head of Nine’s digital business during our joint venture days… and Jess was right! He was an absolute %&$#@&].

You putting a slightly inebriated Piers Morgan in his place during a sales conference in Ireland.

Staying back for the late Thursday night meetings with Martin (when the time zones were definitely not on our side).

Sharing an apartment with you, Mason Rook and Luke McIlveen in Cannes (remember the rickety lift that hadn’t been serviced since WWII?) and me helping you with wardrobe selections before each event.

You putting on a brave face while enduring three solid meals a day with Anne Shooter on those native road shows five years ago.

The arduous but ultimately successful Gen Z roadshow last year – across three states, no less!

Good times.

Daily Mail Australia has never had a greater brand advocate than you, and on behalf of the entire Australian operation, I say thank you. It is sad the Covid-19 world we live in has prevented us giving you the long and boozy send-off lunch/dinner you richly deserve but hopefully that can be honoured further down the track.

All the very best for the new gig (Woollies is lucky to have you) and we wish nothing but great happiness for your upcoming betrothal to Trapper. And beyond.




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